Numerical simulations

How numerical simulations help determine the effects of public health safety measures on slowing the spread of COVID-19

The year is 2020. It's a chilly December morning in San Diego, and you’re out of avocados for the fifth time that month. Ah well, guess it's time for a grocery store run. You get into the car, and just before turning on the ignition, realize you’ve forgotten your mask on the dresser. With a slight groan, you make a dash for the warm comfort of your home. At least there’s some exercise involved right?

If you haven’t been living under a rock these past few months, you would be aware of the COVID-19 pandemic that has drastically changed the…

Trading with AI

Increasing portfolio returns using python

Stock markets tend to react very quickly to a variety of factors such as news, earnings reports, etc. While it may be prudent to develop trading strategies based on fundamental data, the rapid changes in the stock market are incredibly hard to predict and may not conform to the goals of more short term traders. This study aims to use data science as a means to both identify high potential stocks, as well as attempt to forecast future prices/price movement in an attempt to maximize an investor’s chances of success.

In the first half of this analysis, I will introduce…

Data science in Oil and Gas

Understanding Earth structure using K-means clustering

Facies are uniform sedimentary bodies of rock which are distinguishable enough from each other in terms of physical characteristics (e.g. sedimentary structure, grain sizes), deposited under the action of a relatively uniform hydrodynamic regime in a given depositional setting. The different types of facies based on these properties include sedimentary facies, lithofacies, seismic facies, etc.

The physical and organic characteristics found in these rock units usually provide some insight into the different process and systems (e.g. depositional environments) which may have occurred in the region. …

Ibinabo Bestmann

Geophysicist and Data science enthusiast with an interest in artificial intelligence

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